Roundarch Isobar is now Isobar

Roundarch Isobar is now Isobar. They have unified under a single name around the globe to tackle the largest, most complex problems in the digital space. Smaller name, bigger solutions. #ideaswithoutlimits

No More Revolving Door – Turnover is still one of the greatest challenges facing Human Resources and Training teams. Once recruited and educated, how do you keep your winning team in place?

Quotes from my interview:

Special Attention Needed Immediately After Hiring

It is important to work to retain employees throughout their career, but never more so than in the first months after they are hired. These new employees you worked so hard to recruit have not yet committed to your company in those first days of employment. Aegis Media knows this and takes care to hold onto its newest employees in their earliest days with the organization. “We have a program that engages new hires for the first 90 days to ensure they are navigating the organization efficiently and to ensure they have an experienced member of the team they can reach out to who is not their direct manager, but rather a peer,” says Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer Rose Zory. “This has proven to drive much better engagement early on with the organization, and those who participate have a longer tenure with the company.”

The initial high level of attention Aegis Media gives its new employees is followed up with ongoing check-ins to make sure employees are getting what they need. “Understand engagement with employees at all levels. We have been committed to surveying all employees annually to ensure we are listening to what is working and what needs attention,” says Zory. “We do a post-hiring survey after 90 days and an exit survey with all voluntary leavers, as well. Understanding the reasons for people leaving the organization is key to managing your turnover proactively.”

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Ad Week – Retail Remixed



Roundarch Isobar listed on the TOP 100 Digital Companies in Chicago List by Built in Chicago!


Roundarch Isobar is listed on the TOP 100 Digital Companies in Chicago list for 2013! The list is complied by Built in Chicago, an online community that promotes digital technology in Chicago. There are now more than 1,500 digital technology companies in the Windy City with more than 40,000 employed in this sector.


“Digital companies continue to expand and grow here in the City of Chicago,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I am excited by the growth that is occurring in the digital market as Chicago sees more jobs in the field, more startups and more opportunity. I look forward to what these innovative digital companies will continue to do, and I know they will contribute to economic growth here in Chicago during this next year.”

Roundarch Isobar team storms NNG’s #UsabilityWeek.



Congratulations to our partner Healthways on their #13 ranking on the InformationWeek 500!

The 25th annual InformationWeek 500 list represents the country’s most innovative business technology users across varied fields. We are proud to partner with Healthways as they harness the power of digital to create a healthier world.


“Innovation is the lifeblood of modern business and the defining characteristic of InformationWeek 500 companies. To these companies, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. Their creative, even pioneering, technology initiatives are producing clear business results, which we chronicle in this special IW 500 digital issue.”

Rob Preston – VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek

Roundarch Isobar appoints Steven Moy to Chief Commerce Officer



Roundarch Isobar, the US arm of the global digital marketing agency Isobar, has announced the appointment of Steven Moy as Chief Commerce Officer.  He joins from SapientNitro, where he was Vice President, Business and Office Lead at the Boston office.  He will bring his experience in retail to further develop Roundarch Isobar’s already strong digital commerce practice and focus on an undisclosed new client. He will report directly to Jeff Maling and Geoff Cubitt, co-CEOs of Roundarch Isobar. 

Moy has over 25 years of experience in providing marketing and business solutions to leading companies across many industries, including Staples, CVS Caremark, Liberty Mutual, Puma, New Balance, The Hartford, and Luxottica.  In his most recent role at SapientNitro he was responsible for growing the business and defining service offerings in omni-channel marketing and commerce across a portfolio of clients in retail, insurance, luxury brands, and CPG/manufacturing sectors.  Throughout his career Moy has worked with eCommerce partners such as L2, IBM, Oracle, hybris, and Demandware.  He is often called on for his opinion, has been published in trade publications and has shared his expertise at international conferences.

Commenting on the new hire, Jeff Maling said, “Steven is a clear industry leader of eCommerce strategies, and his success with leading brands is very impressive.  Roundarch Isobar has always had a strong history in retail solutions, and we are delighted to have Steven join us to continue that momentum.”

Commenting on his new role, Moy said, “Roundarch Isobar has a proven track record in creating ground breaking, omni-channel digital experiences for a wide range of clients.   Joining this award-winning team as the commerce lead means that I can help elevate Roundarch Isobar’s expertise to create more innovative solutions, connect brands and empower their always-on consumers.  I look forward to showcasing how Roundarch Isobar can help clients boost their customer engagement and customer loyalty metrics.”

Shortlist for the Cannes Cyber Lion Award

Roundarch Isobar has made the shortlist for the Cannes Cyber Lion award for our D Rose #TheReturn work. This is our first entry to the Cannes Lions and we are very excited to be recognized by the festival!

Creativity 50 2013: Mike DiGiovanni

Mike DiGiovanni, Roundarch Isobar emerging tech lead, recognized on the Creativity 50 2013 list for his creation of Winky and Bulletproof for Google Glass.

Roundarch Isobar released “Winky”


Winky is a Google Glass beta app that allows users to take photos with a wink.

Mike DiGiovanni, emerging tech lead at Roundarch Isobar, wrote an app called Winky that lets Glass users take photos without having to verbally say “take a picture” or pressing a button.

“Winking really changes things. You might not think it’s hard to say ‘Ok, Glass Take a Picture’ or even just tap a button. But it’s a context switch that takes you out of the moment, even if just for a second,” DiGiovanni wrote in a Google+ post.

Taking a photo hands-free with Winky opens new possibilities.

“It’s different than taking a picture with a phone because you’re not looking through a window,” DiGiovanni told over the phone. He says he’s found himself starting to “life-blog” and document his day in a way that he wouldn’t have before.

“I took picture while eating a sandwich mid-bite,” DiGiovanni said, adding that it may sound like a strange observation, but demonstrated how a photo can be taken without having access to his voice or hands.


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